Friday, 21 April 2017

The first terrorist attack occasioned by capitalist radicalization ?

This might well be the first terrorist attack carried out by a 'lone-wolf' out of pure capitalist radicalization into violent extremism (RVE).

German media reports that (Russo-German) Sergej W. (28) meticulously planned to maximize profits by influencing the stock exchange course for the football team BVB. His idea was that mocking a terrorist attack on the team bus of BVB would drop the course and place him in position to gain profits by placing a bet on the changed course. Sergej W. clearly calculated with the option that the violence used in the attack was potentially lethal.

If Sergej W. would have succeeded with his plan, he certainly would have fulfilled a true capitalist dream of maximizing profits (without taking consequences into account).

Sergej W. is an (electrical) engineer, a professional background he has in common with many Jihadi terrorists. Considering his age, Sergej furthermore is placed in Generation Y which points at a proclivity of venerating (quickly generated) wealth more than professional competence and meritocracy.

It is interesting to speculate now on the nexus between capitalism as an ideology and radicalization into violent extremism.

Die Welt (21 April 2017)

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